Thursday, February 17, 2011


Vampires are real. Not the romantic or scary ones you see on television and movies but real blood sucking heartless people illegally recruiting innocent hard working Filipinos for overseas employment.

Go to this site This story is ripped from the pages of the January 26th issue of the Negros Chronicle. I do not know if this woman is guilty; the courts will have to decide that, but read the comments of our readers. Almost one hundred people are justifiably outraged by having been victimized by scam artists and illegal recruiters. These “vampires” promised overseas employment, then viciously heartlessly robbed and abandoned their trusting clients.

It is a tragedy that our best and brightest must go overseas to find employment in the first place, but then to be ripped off by these homegrown crooks is just unconscionable. There must be a special place in hell for these dirtbags.

There are legitimate “legal” employment recruiters out there. Professionals that provide the services and guarantees they advertise, but we need a way to separate the good from the bad. Possibly there is a handbook or some guidelines that exists / can be compiled, that will prevent others from being victimized. While libel and slander laws prevent me from naming names and directly exposing these operations, there are some things we can do. Write me your story. ( kojak3238@yahoo .com ) The Negros Chronicle will use its influence and power to clean up this scummy racket. We will warn others. and when possible try to get justice for those already victimized

I have never seen a homeless Filipino in America. I have never even heard of a Filipino on welfare. Possibly there are some but I have never seen or heard of them. Filipinos are known around the world for being honest and very hard working. Filipinos can take justified pride in the reputation they have earned.

Let’s work together to clean up this business and put these “vampires” in jail where they belong.

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