Sunday, August 12, 2007


Modern Filipina’s are tired of “Evil” minded prejudice people slandering them. These “new age” Filipina’s are speaking out by the hundreds. They are tired of being ashamed of something GOOD; something BEAUTIFUL. They are tired of silently standing by as these prejudice people hurt innocent women. Here is just one of the many responses I have received.

I want to say something (in) support (of) Kojak !! …It is not true that all Filipina-foreigner relationships are fake. I have a foreigner husband and we have one child. Every time we go out together people (look) at us murmuring (and) laughing. It happened (so) many times to (us). When we're traveling the (ignorant) people will (overtake) us, looked (in) at us (and) then laugh out loud. It was a very (racist and ugly) thing to do. … We have done nothing to them but they (insult) us anyway. I used to love my country and love my fellow countrymen but … not anymore. When people see a Filipina … with a foreigner they … think she's a whore and of low class. …. I hate it when someone asks me if the foreigner, I (am) with is my father or my lolo. It is obvious he is neither, and they know it. I do not know if it is only Filipinos that do these stupid things… I even had an English teacher telling her students that ALL Filipinas with foreigners (were) UGLY! (I ask you) is (she) a good model (for) her students? I know a lot of (movie and television stars) who are pretty and sexy. (They) married … foreigners. (Nobody calls them names or says they are whores) They think we are uneducated.....these people are self centered (and insensitive). They (do not realize how much) they hurt us. Sometimes I do not (want) to even go out (because) I know what is going to happen… When I stepped out (of) the house, (I feel their eyes staring at us) So what if I have a foreign (husband)? So what if he's big and I am small? So what if I am brown and he is white? …God sees what they are doing to us...they are judgmental (vindictive) people!!!!! One day, they will be judged by GOD (for their cruelties).


Filipinos have long been the target of unwarranted and painful prejudice. From the ugly “little brown people” epitaph to the grossly prejudicial song “The Monkey’s Have No Tails In Zamboanguita’ the justifiably proud Filipinos have endured the bigotry of the west. NOW the Filipino people are turning on their own. They hurt unfairly their own people. If it is WRONG for foreigners to do this to Filipinos , it is even more wrong that Filipinos do this to themselves.

The other day a respected teacher at Silliman University said, “ All foreigners have HIV.” When one of the students listening to her, uncharacteristically, challenged her, she back off and said it was a joke. Excuse me Mam, HIV is not something to “joke” about. For an intellectual role model you make "stupid" jokes. Not just because you have NO facts to support such a gross misstatement (I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get the HIV statistics for the entire Philippines for six months) BUT because it is unintelligent and illogical. Why should an HIV positive American leave his country, where he gets the best HIV care in the world, often for FREE, and come to the Philippines to die. As good as the Philippine health care system is, and I use it frequently, their HIV care does not match that available in America and it is definitely not FREE.

I have long been proud of the mature way Filipinos handle their attitude toward “Bayuts”. I even had two gays on my teaching staff. They did an excellent job. You show true Christian compassion, fairness and sensitivity toward this alternate lifestyle. That is something often missing in other countries. But when it comes to DOM relationships, many of you do not show an equal level of compassion and fairness. You unfairly and unjustly hurt others who have committed no crime other than falling in love with an “old man.” Be an Everyday Hero and cleanse your mind of these gross prejudices. Do not slander and hurt others. Get some Christian compassion.

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