Friday, June 8, 2007


Every time I pick up a local paper I shudder. There seems to be an endless stream of college and university students who are victims of robbery and even murder. I have racked my brain trying to come up with possible ways to keep our children, our nation’s treasure, safe while they grow and learn. I came up with a couple of ideas so I contacted my friend Dr Ben Malayang, President of Silliman University.
I found I was behind the “power curve” once again. Dr Walayang and his staff were also very much concerned about this seemingly growing danger. They are very aware that parents trust them to keep their children safe and are dedicated to that goal. Not only had Dr Malayang and his staff thought of every security measure I had suggested but they had come up with few of their own.
Some of the Security Programs under consideration are:
· STUDENT SAFETY HANDBOOK / BROCHURE: While most safety procedures are common sense it never hurts to re-enforce good habits. Many of the students have had a protected life and are not used to thinking defensively.
· ESSAY CONTEST: The theme would be “How Can We Improve Security On Campus”. Many of these students are brilliant and tapping into that fertile resource could prove beneficial.
· ESCORT SERVICE: Most students realize they should not walk alone, especially at night. Sometimes traveling in a group is not possible. Using volunteers from various campus organizations a lone student could call for an escort.
· SELF DEFENSE TRAINING: Here there are two potential programs under consideration. First, there are several excellent martial arts school in the area. The Universities current excellent physical training program could be augmented with a short intense self defense course. A second option would be to give PE course credit to students at approved martial arts schools.

This is just a sample of the many innovative programs that Dr Malayang and his staff are looking at to improve campus security. It must be a comfort to parents sending their children to the university to know that the President is just as concerned as they are for their children’s safety and doing something about that concern. Dr Malayang and his excellent staff are my Everyday Heroes for this week.

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