Sunday, October 14, 2007


He came busting through the front door of the Smart business office like a wounded pregnant carabao. His face was contorted in anger. He snapped and snarled at the security guard, then took his number and waited his turn. At the counter his mood had not improved. He spoke to everyone as if they were idiots. His choice of words was not fit for a whore house much less a place of public business. He obviously thought the louder his voice the quicker his problem would be resolved.

I will never understand why people do stupid things like this. First, he is abusing the wrong people. These people are not personally responsible for his problem; why does he feel compelled to hurt and insult them. Second, how can hurting and making angry the very people you need to help you, make those people more inclined to give that help. I do not know about them; but I would be less inclined to help.

Never underestimate the power of a smile and a sense of humor. I had a similar problem with Globe. I went into the service center with a smile and tried to make the situation as painless as possible. It took awhile, but the problem was fixed. The Globe service people worked extra hard to help the “nice” man.

The huge mango tree needs insects and animals to stay alive and propagate. The insects pollenate it's flowers so fruit will grow and animals eat the sweet mangoes distributing the fruit pits and making new trees grow. The tree does not shout at the insects and demand they pollinate it. The tree provides beautiful flowers and sweet necture to encourage the insects to do their job. The tree does not beat it's limbs together and demand birds and humans eat it's fruit and plant it's seeds. It makes its fruit sweet and juicy to encourage our help. These are the lessons of life that God has wisely provided all around us. Things work better His way.

Calling people "stupid" does not make those people smart nor does it resolve your problems quicker. Be an Everyday Hero. Do not abuse people. Learn the art of patience and living in harmony.

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