Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just when things are going good something happens to mess-up those good things.

I was invited to talk at the organization "Little Children of the Islands". This promising invitation would allow me to tell you about this wonderful organization and the great work they are doing. I was invited by security officers at the airport to attend a "Counter Terrorism" Seminar. With the knowledge I would gain I would be able to give you a peek behind the security blanket. I would be able to give you an appreciation of how these hard working officers protect your lives. We might even get some suggestions on how we can help them keep us even safer. I had a lead on a grassroots Filipino organization called "Bisaya Kami", This organization was the creation of our own Princesita "Precy" Fiscus and it is based in California. They are dedicated to helping local charities and assisting with disaster relief. Then there is Mrs Hunt from Liberdad, who along with several others is sponsoring local scholars and helping them break the chains of poverty. I met a fantastic Australian named Tom, who spends most of the year working in construction so he can earn enough money to come here and work on his own private charitable projects. He is currently repairing a dirty kitchen for a local hospital. There is my friend Jack, in Cebu, who established a non-profit organization to house, feed, clothe and educate our smallest most vulnerable citizens. The Department of Agriculture was briefing me on their box garden project which can help improve the diet of our most needy citizens. I was working with marine experts on a project to address the "red tide" threat which can kill children and our older citizens. . I had dozens of Everyday Heroes to tell you about but circumstances have interfered. Sadly I have had to call a temporary halt. I even had to leave my new bride and rush back to America.

My only relative has been battling breast cancer for several years but recently she went into total renal failure. The doctors gave her only six months to live. I thought I had lost her; I even wrote her eulogy. Then I discovered she simply refused to die and now she requires constant care . As her closest relative she needed me and I could not abandon her. Last week I took an early morning flight back to Las Vegas. I do not know when I can return home to the Philippines but like General MacArthur, I WILL RETURN.

I am sorry if these important Everyday Heroes columns are delayed but I will tackle them as soon as I return. In the meantime I will try to keep my column as entertaining as possible tackling a variety of what I hope you will find to be interesting subjects. I hope you will bear with me during my time of personal trial.

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