Tuesday, January 15, 2008


An email was sent to me by a good Filipino friend. He was consumed by rage. When I read it, I too was very angry and a little suspicious. Later, I found the same email posted on Yahoo Answers ( Philippine category) making even more Filipinos angry. I decided to do some investigation. Before I tell you the results of my investigation, I want you to read some selected quotes from this long and ugly email.

(title) filipinos.....*make me puke* (Art Bell)

" Filipinos have begun to infest the United States like some sort of disease."

"Their extensive involvement in the U.S. Armed Forces is proof of the trashy kind of qualities all filipinos tend to exhibit on a regular basis."

" Nothing respectable has EVER been created by filipino people during our entire human history."

" The only filipinos that can live successfully in Japan are the filipino prostitutes. But that's the case for most filipino people no matter where they live in the world. "

"Asian...... these people are actually more closely related to African americans and Mexican americans. "

"Nothing good has ever come from Philippines and I don't believe anything good ever will."

" You country is a disgusting and filthy place."

There is no question that the person who wrote this email is an ignorant ugly racist, .....

................but it was NOT Mr Art Bell.

I suspected there was something wrong not just because the email was poorly written but also because I knew Mr Bell was married to a Filipina and had expressed his love of the Philippines on his radio program many times
Not only was his wife Filipina, he was living and working in the Philippines when this email was first published. His is family was immediately accosted with hate mail and death threats. For their safety he was forced to move his entire family to Nevada.
Investigation traced the original email (1998) through
the University of California San Diego to a Philippine Internet chat room (Pinoytok) which is now defunct. Indication are that the email was written by a Filipino to hurt Mr Bell and his family. Dispite Art Bell posting the proof of this ugly fraud to his web site, it was again published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer (2001). The reporter, Leah Salterio "Showbiz Tidbits" failed to verify her source. The Philippine Daily Inquirer almost immediately published a retraction but the damage was done. Art Bell and his family had to go into hiding again. Death threats were made.
I do not understand why Filipinos are willing, almost eager , to believe the ugliest things if it is said about a foreigner. The latest gossip is that all foreigners have AIDS-HIV. A teacher at Silliman University even told this to her students. It defies logic and common sense to believe such trash. Think about it. Why would a person with AIDs come to the Philippines when the finest FREE medical treatment for the disease is in America. It makes no sense.
At one time it was actually against the law to spread ugly hateful gossip in the Philippines. People who violated this law had their lips burned. There are a lot of people in Dumagete City, both Pinoy and Foreigner who should feel lucky that law is no longer on thye books.
Be an Everyday Hero before you believe ugly gossip and hurt others, do the research, find out the truth. Mr Bell and his family could have been killed based on a total lie.

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