Thursday, February 17, 2011


The last time I talked about this topic I was savagely attacked by three readers on the Negros Chronicle forum. I admit, I am neither a geneticist nor a Bible scholar. The information contained here is the result of research. Knowledge is the key to understanding.

I am proud of how Filipinos handle the sensitive subject of homosexuality. Generally Filipinos are more mature and compassionate than people in other countries. I have known two respected and professional teachers who were openly gay. That would, tragically, never be accepted in my country. Several of your most respected TV and movie stars are openly gay; one even pretends to be gay but has a wife and child. The Philippines has fraternities and sororities for homosexual students. There is a political party that advocates gay issues. Prejudice is usually the result of fear and ignorance. I cannot remove the fear but maybe I can impact the ignorance.

According to the latest scientific research ( XY Chromosome Studies ; Twin Studies, etc.), most homosexuals are born gay. They have no more control over their sexual orientation than they do the color of their eyes. In Twin Studies, where twins are separated at birth, there is a startling demographic. In American society a child has a 4% chance of being gay ( 11% in the Philippines; XY Chromosome Studies) If one twin becomes homosexual, the chances the other twin will also become homosexual rises dramatically to 40%. Obviously there is something more going on here than a “free will choice”.

Darwin, who was a Christian, maintained that traits that do not contribute to survival of the species are lost. Accepting this as fact, then begs the question, why has homosexuality survived in almost every species? Obviously homosexuals are not inclined to have offspring of their own so how does it contribute to the survival of the species? The current theory is that homosexuality helps to control population levels. Homosexuality helps prevent a species from over populating and creating starvation.

Many Christians maintain that the Bible condemns homosexuality. They base this belief on such passages as Leviticus 18 and 20. Not all Biblical scholars agree. Some theologians believe those and other passages were not so much a condemnation of homosexuality as an attack on some pagan religions that used homosexuality in their rituals. I do not know, but I am left with the question, if homosexuality is genetic, why would God create it?

As a compassionate Christian I cannot condone or support actions that hurt other people just because they love the same gender. I trust God to sort these things out. It is not my job to judge or punish; it is my job to respect and love. If you are one of those who judge and hate those that are different than yourself maybe you need a refresher course in the Golden Rule. Be everyday heroes and replace anger with compassion and love.

We never have too much compassion and love.

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