Thursday, February 17, 2011


I truly respect and honor this man. Rodolfo, or as most of you know him “Dolphy”, is a towering talent and a good man. His comedic skills transcend the language barrier and make me smile every time I see him. Not a day goes by that there is not at least one of his many hundreds of movies or television episodes bringing laughter and joy into your home. Beyond his overpowering talent he is at heart a good person. He often steps out of the spotlight and encourages young talented artists to take center stage. He knows how hard it is to become a success in the rough and tumble entertainment industry even when you have skills. In addition, Dolphy is well known for not forgetting his friends. When a fellow entertainer is having a hard time, it is often Dolphy who is first there with a helping hand. His heart is almost as big as his talent. He truly is “The King of Comedy”.

In some small ways I identify with Dolphy. While I am no where near as talented, we both did come from very humble beginnings. Both of our families were very poor. While he struggled to survive in his career during World War II; A few years later I was struggling to survive in my career in the Vietnam War. And finally, we are both old men in love with beautiful women less than half our age. Zsa Zsa Padilla is a very talented and beautiful woman, but she is half Dolphy’s age.

I often wonder if Zsa Zsa is ever approached by young Filipino men and offered sexual services just in case Dolphy is not able to perform. My wife gets those offers almost every day. I wonder if Zsa Zsa is called “nawong og kwarta” (gold digger) for loving a man with money. Passing pedi-cab drivers yell that at my wife all the time. I wonder if “high class” (?) society people call Zsa Zsa a “puta “(whore) behind her back, just because she is partnered with an older man. My wife is the topic of their nasty gossip all the time. I wonder if Zsa Zsa, holds her two beautiful daughters and quietly cries herself to sleep because of the ugly things these “good” people say about her. My wife just cries herself to sleep holding a pillow. She never lets me know just how much she is hurt.

Happy Birthday Dolphy, you are an “Everyday Hero” extraordinaire.

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