Sunday, April 1, 2007


Someone called me a “hero” the other day. They based this on the fact that I served in the military and went to war. I am not a hero. I selected a career that involved some risk but that does not make me heroic. Just like a banker, lawyer, policeman or fireman I did my job and was paid.

To truly be “heroic” you must go beyond just merely doing your job.

You have heroes in your own family or sitting next to you in Chow King. You just do not realize it or appreciate it.

Take that woman over there having that cup of coffee. She gets up every morning and goes to job she does not like. She works hard all day and then goes home. She makes dinner for her family then cleans the house. Later, while they are sleeping, she stays up half the night sewing a costume for her daughter’s school play. She does this and more day after boring day and still keeps a smile on her face. What is her payment? She gets a quick “Thank you “and a kiss on the cheek as her daughter rushes out the door to be with her friends.

Or take that man walking by. He is not taking shabu or getting drunk every night. He does not cheat on his wife. He works hard everyday to put food on the table and a roof over his families head. He is constantly trying to improve the future. He wants his children not to have to work as hard as he does. He wants them to have a brighter future.
Having someone shoot at you and surviving is not heroic. Molding and shaping the future of the Philippines, teaching morals and values by setting the example, that is heroic. So if you want to honor a true hero. Put your arms around your father or mother they are the greatest heroes you will ever meet. They can never be paid enough for what they do. They are our “everyday heroes.”

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