Sunday, April 1, 2007


Emilda was crying. Her sister and her four nieces were crying. It was not the first time she had cried in her hard life, but this time her tears were of joy not sorrow.

Growing up in a small fishing village south of Siaton life had always been difficult. Her loving husband works hard but there is not much money in the village. Mudslides and red tide have not made times any easier. She wants her children to have a better life. A better life means they need an education. To get the money for that education she was forced to come to Dumaguete City and get a job. Her husband takes care of their little cubo while she cooks and cleans for a DOM and his Filipina wife. She must be content with a few brief hours with them every couple of weeks.

Today was her birthday. Her employer gathered all the relatives she had in the city and gave her a little party. There were balloons for the kids, some presents, good food and even a birthday cake with her name on it. While everyone gathered around the kitchen table for a picture she began to cry. The tears just would not stop. You see Emilda is almost forty years old and this is her FIRST birthday party.

So all you everyday heroes out there, when you have a chance to do a little kindness for someone, do not just think about it, do it. You never know how important that small act will be in their lives or what special memories you might create. You always have enough time for kindness and love.

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