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Thank you, Ms Ceniza. I am always pleased when my readers contribute constructive criticism. Your letters help me write what you want to read. After all, without you, I am just talking to myself.

There are some new heroes scheduled for publication soon. I hope we never run out of Everyday Heroes. To be sure we do not , I need your help. If you know of any person, Filipino or foreigner, making a positive contribution to our community, please contact me kojak3238@yahoo.com . We do not need to publish his or her name if they wish to remain anonymous, but these stories are important. They bring balance to the news and they bring us together. They help us respect each other and work together for a better Negros.

Global Warming, I knew this would stir up a hornets nest. After all people have even threatened the lives of those who disagree with “saint” Gore. While I do not want to turn this column into a trial of Al Gore and his emotional doomsday crowd or constantly rehash Mr. Dejaresco’s myopic column; you did miss a couple of important points. First, I do not have my “head buried in the sand” instead I have it buried in research books and the internet. Second, maybe you should read my column a little more carefully. I never said there was not global warming. Periodic global warming is a natural phenomenon which has occurred for millions of years.
The fallacies in Gore’s global warming fable are:
1. Man made hydrocarbons are causing the global warming.
2. Stopping human hydrocarbon emissions will save the world.
3. Global warming will continue unabated and cause the destruction of the world.

What I write is NOT just my opinion. The vast majority of the scientific community thinks the Gore crowd is irresponsible and not scientifically accurate. For example Gore cites distorted data which indicate the polar icecaps are melting. Al Gore measured the polar ice cap in the middle of winter using a yardstick, and then years later he measures the polar ice cap in the middle of summer using a micrometer. Based on the disparity of these two measurements Al Gore ignores credible reports that the polar ice cap has INCREASED by 4 inches and predicts melting and world wide flooding. Al Gore is a “fear monger” of the worst kind. He is a “hypocrite” fear monger.

Al Gore has a home near Nashville, Tennessee. This posh 20 room mansion (not counting 8 bathrooms) with huge swimming pool, pool house and guest house are heated using natural gas. Burning natural gas emits hydrocarbons. He pays a $2,400.00 gas and electric bill each month. Al Gore wants you to spend money to reduce your hydrocarbon emissions, while he individually continues to emit more hydrocarbons into the air in one month than the average American does in one year. Guess he is not concerned enough with the fate of the world to spend his money just yours.

The truth is the temperature at the poles is the same now as they were in the 1930’s. Even the International Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) on which Gore’s film is based, predicted only a generous 17 inch “maximum” rise in sea levels. Gore exaggerates their estimates by 1,500%. Gore also predicted massive icecap melting and subsequent dire consequences. His own source predicted an icecap loss of .4 inches per century. That provides a maximum creation of 2,500 cubic miles of water spread over the entire earth. It is IMPOSSIBLE for this melt rate to cause a 20 ft rise in the world’s oceans in 100 years much less Gore’s 50 years. Gore’s own model predicts global warming will disrupt the Atlantic current and causing massive freezing. Think about it. If warming stopped the Atlantic current; freezing will re-establish it. That is the way the constantly changing world climate works and has for centuries even before man and his hydrocarbons appeared on earth. (note: For those who will cite the Bible as to how long the earth has existed, please note: Gore’s prediction does not match the Bible either ).

WHY is this subject important? It is important for two reasons: 1. Anxiety: People are forced to live in fear and guilt over something that will NOT happen in the opinion of the world’s top scientists.
2. Financial: This emotional panic causes governments to implement useless policies that punish the poor. They cause inflation, job loss and curtail production.

This will be the last time I will waste space in the column on this subject. The Gore faithful are too emotionally invested to examine the facts or change their minds. If you want to continue the exchange, use the email address above. I will be happy to respond individually. Besides we have more important things to discuss in the column. We can discuss those things that can truly change “our” world here in Dumaguete City.

FINALLY, for those who may have missed some of the past columns there is now a blog, “Everyday Hero the Web Site” http://hughs-kojak.blogspot.com/ . You can comment there also.

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