Sunday, May 20, 2007


I just can not seem to win!

My Foreign friends are mad at me because I denigrate their country. Now a Filipina lady, I respect, has taken me to task because I do not denigrate the Philippines. In her view, I present a “false” rosy picture of life here in the Philippines.

Besides this anomaly, I am constantly being bombarded by people who want me to write about their favorite complaint. They are not happy about the burning trash and air pollution. Traffic is a nightmare. They hate the fact that their wife’s brother never goes to work. They do not like that some men drink tuba each night, while their children go hungry. Maybe they were robbed at gun point and writing about it in my column will somehow stop crime.

It is time to set the record straight. My column was not created to highlight the negative or bitch and complain. There are a lot of people doing that already. My column is meant to present the hidden positive side of our community. To pay tribute to those who are a plus in that community, both Filipino and Foreigner. My column is here to entertain and to inform, hopefully to help improve your life. I have no political, religious or other hidden agenda other than to bring us together and improve the quality of our lives.

To my foreign critics, I do not denigrate other countries. If I give an unpleasant fact, I never even name the other country. I tell the raw unvarnished truth about America because I earned that privilege. I went to war and literally risked my life for America. I did that not once, but twice. That is more than most of my critics can claim. (The records to prove that statement are on file in the Negros Chronicle office) One American friend admitted what I said about America was true, but in his words, we had a responsibility to present only the good view of American life. With almost a million Filipinos living and working in America, do you seriously think there is any “secret” shame about America that the Philippine people
do not already know? How can I expect my readers to believe me about their country if I do not tell the whole truth about my own country? I love America. I am ready to risk my life again should America ask me, but America is not perfect and I wont pretend she is. America is still a work in progress.

Now to my Filipina friend who says I present a false “rosy” image of life here in the Philippines. You are correct. I never claimed to be telling the complete story. If you want to know the ugly side of Philippine life, you have just to read the rest of the newspaper. My point is the rest of the newspaper is not the complete story either. I started
my column because no one was telling the positive side.

There is no way I can make everyone happy and I won’t even try. I was never very good at kissing backsides. I tell things the way I see them. I try to be as open and as honest as I possibly can. If I am wrong. I will admit it and take my punishment. If I hurt your feelings, I am sorry, that was / is not my intention.

The editor of the Negros Chronicle is a fair minded man. If you wish to present your view, you should send him a letter. I am sure he will publish it and we can let
the readers decide.

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