Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I normally avoid negative subjects but is occurs to me you might wonder what Kojak thinks about the Subic Bay Rape Case. I think in a word, “TRAGIC”.

According to the Philippine police they average seven rapes a week in the Subic Rape area. I doubt any of the other rape victims got near the attention devoted to Nicole. I also doubt that the other rapists were caught or that if caught were punished. Those other six rape victims will not see justice and will live in fear the rest of their life. THAT IS TRAGEDY.

Those same police estimate as many as ten rapes per week never get reported. That is ten Filipinas that were abused and do not believe the system will protect them or provide them justice. It must be frustrating for the police to know the criminal but not be able to protect society from him. THAT IS A TRAGEDY.

I read an article by a local Filipino reporter that said Nicole gave consent by her actions. I do not believe in blaming the victim. Nicole was stupid for going to the club, getting drunk and accepting a ride from strangers. Did she consent? Only Nicole knows for sure. The penalty for being stupid should never be disrespect and rape. THAT IS A TRAGEDY.

Smith was also stupid. He should have known if Nicole was so drunk she could not walk, she was too drunk to give consent. Some have portrayed him as a vicious criminal, a danger to society. I just think he was a drunken young man thinking with the wrong head. He took advantage of drunken girl and showed her no respect. His instinct should have been to protect her, instead he exploited her. Like Nicole he was drunk and stupid; for that he will spend 40 years in a Philippine prison. Both he and Nicole will regret that drunken night all of their lives. THAT IS A TRAGEDY.

On the question of custody and punishment the rule should be simple. You are a guest in a country you obey and respect their laws or pay their penalty. When they do put Smith in a Philippine prison they should provide him protection. The penalty for his crime is 40 years in prison, not his rape or death. Unless he is protected he will be hurt and possibly killed. THAT WOULD BE MORE TRAGEDY.

There are no winners here… Everybody lost.

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