Monday, May 21, 2007


There were twin brothers named Al and Bill. While these young boys looked alike they were very different when it came to how they looked at life. Al was always very happy. No matter how bad things got he always knew they would get better. Bill, on the other hand, was never happy.

Their father asked them what they wanted for their birthday. Both boys asked for a horse. Their father decided to teach them a small lesson about life. He gave Bill a beautiful little horse, but all Al got was a big room full of horse manure.

After a few hours the father went to check on his sons. He found Bill sitting on the ground crying his eyes out. The father asked his son, “What is wrong? Why are you crying? You have this beautiful horse to ride,” Bill looked up and sobbed, “The horse is going to die. I know the horse is going to die.?

The father went to see his other son. He found Al laughing and happily digging through the horse manure. The father said, “How can you be so happy with a room full of horse manure?” Without stopping his digging Al replied, “There is so much horse manure here, there has to be a horse in here somewhere!”

Many of us think that happiness is “out there somewhere”, when in reality it is inside all of us. It is not a horse or money or even power. It is how we think. It is thinking the glass is half full not half empty.

Some eastern philosophies teach that we generate “karma”. When we think or act positively, positive things happen to us. I have found this to be true for me. If I do nice things for others, nice seem to happen to me. I do not know “why” this happens, it just does. I also have watched others who wrap themselves in negativity living miserable lives. I do not think this is a coincidence.

Try this experiment in your life. Go for an entire day doing and saying only positive things. do not complain or criticize anyone or anything for a day. If you fall down, think how GOOD it is you were not hurt more seriously. If you lose 100 pesos, be glad it wasn’t 1,000 pesos. Whatever happens try to find the “positive” side.

I think you will find you have a pretty good day.

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