Thursday, May 17, 2007


People who see me zipping around Dumaguete City on my red motorcycle in the pouring rain, might just think I like the rain. They would be correct. I have always had a special affection for rain.

There is a mist rain in Puerto Rico. You can be walking in the beautiful tropical sunshine with not a cloud in the sky, when suddenly your skin will be covered in a clean cool wet mist. The mist is so fine you can not even see it.

Near Victoria Falls in Africa it rains all the time. The trees are constantly wet, the ground is covered with thick soft green moss and there is a beautiful rainbow every day.

I loved watching the green grey curtain of monsoon rain sweep across the rice paddies of Vietnam. The wind would swirl and whip the palm trees. They looked almost like they were dancing in the rain.

Parking on a high bluff, I would watch the thunder storms roll across the Arizona desert. Each huge black cloud silhouetted with lightening. It was like God was celebrating life with his own private fireworks display.

While working on a sail boat in the Caribbean I would go to the bow and climb into the rigging. Off in the distance I could watch a wall of rain as it came rolling at us across the sea.

In the Philippines I like the sound of the rain. It is like the “white noise” you get when you lose the signal on your TV. That sound blocks out all other noises. For me the best sleep is the “rain sleep”.

The next time it rains do not get mad, enjoy it. Walk out in it. Get soaked to the skin in it. Everything seems cleaner and fresher after a good rain. I like to think God’s crying for us and His tears are washing away all the filth and grim of the world.

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