Thursday, May 10, 2007


My wallet was missing. I could not figure out what had happened. I am always so very careful. Not only was a good hunk of money gone but my driver license, vehicle registration and credit cards were missing also. What a mess. Without my credit cards I could not access my bank. I had no money to buy food.

I contacted the bank and arranged for a replacement card to be sent by express mail. I borrowed money to live on and tightened my belt. Things were going to get rough.

About a month later I came downstairs to find a strange man and his wife at my door. Father Tulabing ministers to those in greatest need of hope. Every Sunday he has services for the families that live off Dumaguete City’s garbage. During confession one of his parishioners gave him the empty wallet. Father Tulabing then spent several days tracing me so that he could return my cards and license. I offered to reward him for his hard work but he refused. He is a remarkable man who after graduating from Foundation University turned away from a promising career to minister to others in need. The world needs more selfless dedicate men like this weeks everyday hero.

What happened to the money? The young man who found my wallet explained that he thought it was “gift from God.” After I figured out what happened, I can not say he is wrong. You see I had done something I had never done before. I had put my wallet on the TV table and it accidentally (?) got knocked into the trash. Out of the tons of trash this young lad found a small black wallet. Who can really say it was not a gift from God.

Maybe God wanted the money to help someone and also teach me a couple of valuable lessons. I now have two sets of registration papers, got a system set up to get a new card rapidly if I need it and most important I met a very special man and his lovely wife.

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